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Welcome to Hell!

I know it says Texas on the maps, but believe me, gentlemen and ladies, when I say that Hell is the right and proper name for it. Some of you might know what I mean already, but if you don’t, rest assured that knowledge will soon be yours. I can see you’re road-weary, so set yourselves down and have some grub. Just don’t get too comfortable. The night is quiet yet, but you’ll want to keep those shootin-irons near to hand.

The World Has Moved On

The Union, such as it is, stands on the brink of collapse. For seventeen years the disastrous Civil War between the North and the South has raged on, with neither side able to wrest a conclusive victory. The powers of Old Europe fight their own wars, and Canada and Mexico each stand poised to strike as soon as the United States depletes itself. Half of California crumbled into the sea, and what’s left is a no-man’s-land where the Pinkertons and the Chinese triads fight their proxy wars. And that isn’t the worst of it. Ever since Gettysberg, the dead walk the earth and horrible monsters are born in the wilderness. The evil that men do to one another isn’t the only evil in the world, nor the worst.

The World Needs A Hero—You’ll Have To Do

This is the story of a few brave men and women who stand against the darkness, who are willing to commit violence so others may sleep peaceably in their beds. Outlaws and lawmen, preachers, hucksters, and mad scientists, medicine men and braves—those who glimpse the true nature of the world, who stand and fight instead of running scared—this is their tale.

Character Creation

This is a cinematic, larger-than-life game, so characters start with 200 CP and may take up to -50 CP in disadvantages. The starting Tech Level is 5, but certain aspects of mad science may exceed the tech level. As this is a horror campaign (among other things) I’m disallowing the Unfazeable advantage. Exotic and Supernatural advantages are available with GM permission.

Some archetypes that would be particularly appropriate are:

  • Outlaws (Desperadoes, Soiled Doves, Deserters from the U.S. or Confederate Armies, Runaway Slaves, Tong and Triad Celestials)
  • Lawmen (Sheriffs, U.S. Marshals, Texas Rangers, Pinkerton Agents)
  • Preachers (Faithful and Charlatans alike)
  • Hucksters (Witches, Warlocks, and Sorcerors)
  • Mad Scientists (Alchemists, Steampunk Gadgeteers)
  • Native Indians (Medicine Men and Braves)

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