Copernicus Blackburne

The Man with the Devil's Six-Shooter


Copernicus Blackburne is an immaculately well-dressed, poised gentleman, who understands munitions technology better than he understands people. He was born just outside of Prague, where his family life was bucolic. As he grew up, he developed this insatiable hunger and unending curiosity for knowledge and the sciences.

In the year 1869, the famous weapons inventor was brought to America to work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Lured by the promise of money and advancements in education, Blackburne exceeds all of Pinkerton’s expectations. He was put in charge of building a weapon that can kill the Devil by harnessing the unusual attributes of a mysterious glowing mineral known as “Ghost Rock”. The task was accomplished by Blackburne but came at the terrible cost of Blackburne’s family, and perhaps his very soul. The weapon, a frightful gun that belched green flame, was dubbed “The Devil’s Six Shooter”.

Whatever Faustian bargain he made to complete his work drove him mad, and now he walks the earth in search of—something—and murdering anyone who stands in his way. Some say that he was possessed by the very Devil his weapon was designed to kill.


Copernicus Blackburne

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